Autism and….. ‘Perfectionism’.

TW/CW: Suicide. I'm tired. Are you tired? If you're autistic you probably spend a lot of time being tired. It isn't surprising really. If you're anything like me, you likely spend a sizable proportion of your thinking time devoted to finding ways to 'measure up'. That is, 'meet the standards of personhood imposed on you … Continue reading Autism and….. ‘Perfectionism’.

Autistica: DARE

Hi all - it's been a while, how've ya been? I've been away in my Aspie-cave nursing some burnout and preparing some proverbial irons for the proverbial fire. Just wanted to share something that dropped into my inbox earlier - a talk and link to a new project being rolled out by Autistica and The … Continue reading Autistica: DARE

Social Darwinism in the workplace

"Survival of the fittest." This is the law that governs all life on earth. Species that do not have the ability to adapt to environmental changes eventually become extinct. Those who can adapt survive. We have come to understand life through this lens by recognising naturally occurring hierarchies, such as the 'food chain', and indeed … Continue reading Social Darwinism in the workplace